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Written By Rod Burns

Hardcover – 92 Pages | ISBN 9781503572065
Softcover – 92 Pages | ISBN 9781503572072
E-book – 92 Pages | ISBN 9781503572089

The Formula for Achieving Goals and Finding Success

“The Formula for Achieving Goals and Finding Success” is author Rod Burns very helpful read that shows readers it takes hard work and a defined plan to achieve most goals. This informative book gives readers a head start on how to achieve their goals using results-oriented planning.

The book explains a tested formula for setting goals and achieving success in life. The book will help the reader understand success and failure. “The Formula for Achieving Goals and Finding Success” is not just a book of words, it is a workbook that gives the reader the true understanding of how to accomplish their goals in life and feeling good about their successes and how minor failures along the way to accomplishing their goals are nothing more than a learning curve or stepping stones to accomplishing their goals in life.

“Many motivational books have been written about setting goals by some of the greatest motivational speakers, they are all great books to read or tapes to listen to. Most of these books tell you that setting goals in life are very important and the Authors tell you to write your goals down,” Burns says. “This is a very important step, but no books actually give you an actual workbook plan and a full understanding of what happens to you on your path to accomplishing your goals and how to overcome failures, the bumps in the road to accomplishing your goals in life.”

Readers will have a better understanding of what success and failures are and the questions to ask themselves on the way to accomplishing their goals in life. The author was inspired to write the book because he saw so many young and middle-aged adults that were talking about setting goals and then not being able to accomplish them or following up on them.

About the Author

Rod Burns grew up in Maryland. Educated at Calvert Hall High School and received a Bachelor's Degree from Loyola College. He was a successful sales representative and manager for national advertising companies for many years, finishing in the top sales positions every year. He owned and operated successful businesses, including advertising, marketing, printing, newspapers and home and environmental inspections.

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