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Written By Rod Burns

36 Pages | ISBN 1503591700

The Adventures Tommy and Tina – Dreaming of Being a Termite and Finding a Home in the Forest

Tommy and Tina are a young boy and girl sitting under an oak tree and looking in an old log, finding active termites. They noticed some termites looked like flying ants with long wings, some were a milky white, and a few had pinchers in front of their heads. The winged termites began to fly, and Tommy and Tina fell asleep on the blanket under the shady oak tree. Tommy and Tina dream of themselves being termites and flying through the forest, having fun and meeting many new friends. Tommy and Tina find a new home in the forest. Tommy and Tina Termite is an educational and fun story to read to small children.

About the Author

Rod Burns grew up in Maryland. Educated at Calvert Hall High School and received a Bachelor's Degree from Loyola College. He was a successful sales representative and manager for national advertising companies for many years, finishing in the top sales positions every year. He owned and operated successful businesses, including advertising, marketing, printing, newspapers and home and environmental inspections.

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