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Written By Rod Burns

28 Pages | ISBN 1514405210

The Adventures Tommy and Tina – Dreaming of Becoming a Loggerhead Sea Turtle & Swimming Down the Treasure Coast

The Adventures of Tommy and Tina is a story of two child friends falling asleep at the beach and dreaming of being born as Loggerhead Sea Turtles and swimming down the Treasure Coast of Florida. Tommy and Tina Loggerhead Turtles will meet many friends living in the ocean and coastal waters and all their new friends will follow Tommy and Tina down the Treasure Coast looking for gold and jewelry that was lost over 300 years ago when a hurricane sunk a fleet of Spanish ships. The adventure gets exciting when they find gold and jewelry and continues while exploring the Treasure Coast and ends when they reach the Jupiter lighthouse.

The Adventures of Tommy and Tina are fun and educational books for all ages to read.

About the Author

Rod Burns grew up in Maryland. Educated at Calvert Hall High School and received a Bachelor's Degree from Loyola College. He was a successful sales representative and manager for national advertising companies for many years, finishing in the top sales positions every year. He owned and operated successful businesses, including advertising, marketing, printing, newspapers and home and environmental inspections.

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